The Perfect Valentine’s Gift For Your Partner!

Valentine's Day is just round the corner and we know how much it means to gift your partner something special on Valentine’s Day. When words fail, gestures say a lot more. It's the day when people show their affection for another person or people by sending cards, gifts, flowers or chocolates with messages of love.... Continue Reading →

A Complete Guide to Jaw-dropping Jhumki Styles!

Jhumkis are one of the classic types of earrings which have been in existence for centuries. Jhumki earrings are in conical, circular or in church bell shape.  Indian women’s jewelry collection is not complete without jhumkis. Jhumkis are a timeless jewelry ornament and known for its versatility. It can be worn by girls, women and... Continue Reading →

Work From Home Essentials!

source: While the WORK FROM HOME is a new concept for most of us, it is also going to be a New Normal for a long time! While most of the Women don't dress up while Working From Home, studies have shown that you are more productive while working at home, if you dress... Continue Reading →

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