Royal Trinkets of September – REVEALED

We are rocking September with royal trinkets in our exclusive subscription collection! This month of much awaited festivities brings for us a mixture of cultures with numerous festivals lined back to back throughout the month. But who’s complaining right? More the merrier they say and rightly so! September at Bling Bag is all about royalty. We are ringing into the festive month of the year with a touch of regalia to our baubles in a trendy and indo western way. Let’s dig in!

The Royal Neck Strands

Meet the royal neck strands of September Royal Regalia Bling Bag Collection in all their glory. Statement Necklaces are a fun accessory to add to your jewellery collection and with the festival permitting you to wear bold necklaces like second skin, why hold back? Hoard these magnificent necklaces for the upcoming festive season and flaunt them like a style diva. Simply Subscribe to the September Royal Regalia Bling Bag now and get a gorgeous neck strand specially hand-picked for your unique festive style!

The Royal Ear Treat


We know that earrings hold a special place in every girl’s closet and that these baubles are our first pick when accessorizing any outfit whether for a regular day at office or a festive party. And with September being the festive month of the year we bet you’re going to need your favourite baubles by your side. Style your ethnics with an edgy mixture of latest trends and exclusive festive earrings we have curated in our September collection! Stand out of the crowd full of kundans, and rock your own style statement!

The Royal Wrist Game


Chain Bracelets are the most delicate and royal thing that a woman can own and this crystal bracelet in various shades of green is our secret show- stopper of the September Royal Regalia Bling Bag. This crystal bracelet not only graces your wrist delicately but also gives your outfits an exquisite look.

So these are a few of the Bling from our September Royal Regalia Bling Bag Collection. Check out the Collection on our official website or simple subscribe to the September Bling Bag and get your Bling curated as per your Style preferences by our in-house style experts. Whatever you choose to do, make sure you replenish your stock soon because September Bling Bag is rocking and selling fast!

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theme reveal

The most awaited month of the year is here with all its glamour & grandeur and we can barely contain our excitement. With an edgy mix of latest trends and runway fashion curated for your August Bling Bag, we bring for you the classy collection of September in the ‘Royal Regalia’ Bling Bag

Channel your inner empress this coming festive season by pairing your Ethnics with the Royal Jewels of September and rock your occasions like a queen!


Complementing the Royal Theme of September, we bring to you the ‘Kaiserin Clutch Bag’. Don’t we all need a delicate but resourceful clutch with our festive wear? This majestic Clutch Bag is just that! With ethnic thread work on a copper- colored base and intricate shimmery golden work, it makes a style statement enough to stand out in the crowd. Bright colored thread work contrasting with the over-all neutral shade of the clutch works perfect for all your colorfully festive and rich wedding outfits.

Bag Front.png

With a material as regal and reliable as Jute, you need not worry about your essentials. Plus, what can be better than an adjustable clutch, right? Yes! You heard that correct. This pretty can be either hung like a long-chain sling or held like a clutch! The long chain is your savior when you need your hands free or can be easily hidden inside for the photo sessions. With two magnetic clasps holding your phone and make up, you can leave your worries behind and rock the dance floor like a pro!

The inner lining is faux- silk in floral design which can be easily wiped for stains and never catches that old-bag smell. And we know that a cute chain pocket to keep your change and bobby pins, right where you want them to be, can be such a god-sent for those hasty touch-ups.

Wanna know the added bonus? We have them in two colors! Toss a coin for Red or Brown because your Bling are arriving in style! These light weight clutches thoughtfully curated by our experts are going to be the ultimate accessory to all your designers and you can put a ring on it. Get the pun?

Now if we were you, we’d go subscribe right now to get in early. Hurry then! September is open and we are shipping out our first lot tomorrow!

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A Fashionista’s Guide to Styling the Bon Bon Trend

Hey Ladies! So how’s August treating you so far? We’re almost halfway through the month and have been receiving crazy requests for the Crispin Look- Book after the Celeb-Style Blog. The Crispin trend is on fire everywhere and why not? These earrings add the perfect splash of color to sunny days, and also come in various Ombre shades. If you don’t know what we’re talking about, allow us to enlighten you…


01 (1)

Got a Movie Date right after work and don’t know how to style your comfortable jeans in a jiffy? Pair the Claret Crispin Earrings from our August Rainbow Runway Collection with a classic Blue& white strips top, a well fitted pair of jeans and your neutral-toned heels. And do we need to say that a red pout never fails? Easy, right?



Weekend’s here!! All the hot places around the town are listed and all there’s left to do is pick an outfit and check them off your list. Well today you need not worry about the “I-don’t-have-anything-to-wear” syndrome. Pair the Prussian Crispin Earrings from our August ‘Rainbow Runway’ Collection with your wardrobe staple LBDs and a matching pair of comfortable heels and don’t forget to carry all your essentials in a sling bag. How would you style this look? Cat-eye liner or a Fuchsia lippie?


04 (1)

Cocktail evenings are just the thing you need to unwind after a long week and what better way than to do it than in style? Stand out in a crowd of blues and blacks with the Bubble-gum Crispin Earrings from our Rainbow Runway Bling Bag Collection paired with a dreamy evening dress, a pair of heels and play up the look with the classic smoky-eyes makeup. Wear a dainty rose gold watch to complete the look and you’re ready to bedazzle everyone.



The festive half of the year has started and we couldn’t be more excited. This time why not leave the classic Kundans aside and try something new and stylish? Pair your ethnics with the Aureate Crispin Earrings from our August Rainbow Runway Collection and throw in a pair of glitzy heels and clutch to complete the look. We think an ox-blood shade of lipstick compliments this look very well. What do you feel?


August-Lookbook-02-Still (1).png

Sunday Brunch with your girls is where the list starts, followed by shopping or maybe a short play. And we know that styling your comfort-wear can get slightly tricky at times.  We recommend pairing your super-comfy denim shorts and favorite yellow top with the Beryl Crispin Earrings from our August Rainbow Runway Collection. Tan platforms are our insta-glam style secret. And we don’t need to remind you to carry your shades. Tip: Carry a sunblock and some moisturizing lip-tint and you’re sorted for the day.

Be it a formal event or a casual shopping trip, Crispin Earrings always have your back! Don’t hesitate to experiment with your looks and styles with these amaze-balls. And trust us, the Crispin trend is picking up and that’s all you’ll be wearing this season, so don’t stop at one! Or simply subscribe to the August ‘Rainbow Runway’ Bling Bag and get your Blings curated according to your style preferences.

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Taking Care of Tassels

We love tassels as much as the next girl and with the Tassel Trend spreading like wildfire from the Runway to Broadway in various types of threads, beads and metals, we just can’t keep our excitement in check! You can’t possibly feel unhappy when Tassels swing from your wrists, right? But we know that sometimes weather and wear& tear can be merciless on your favorite Baubles, especially your oh-so-dainty thread Tassels. Frayed and dented Tassels are a big NO-NO and hence, we bring to you a Cheat Sheet to Take Care of Your Tassels! Take a tour…

Keep your Combs handy

tassel comb (1)

The easiest, most convenient and effective way to help frayed Tassels is to comb them. Use a wide toothed comb to untangle the threads carefully. And then use a thinner toothed comb similarly to set the threads in place a give it a detailed finish as good as new! Try to be as easy as possible and take your time to do it patiently so that there is no damage done due to the combing.  In most cases combing is effective and works as the first step to helping dented Tassels also.

Hot Irons are not just for your hair

tassel iron (1)

A super-sly trick from our bag of goodies is to use your usual morning- savior, the handy Hot Iron to help your severely dented tassels back into their original shape. Careful not to keep the temperature too high since that would lead to discoloration or worse, burnt Tassel.

Press Irons help too! 

tassel press (1)

Press Irons are no less a savior and probably are more effective with layered Tassels (which can be slightly tricky.) Again, Press Irons can be damaging for your dainty Tassels if kept on a high temperature. We would recommend keeping the temperature lowest to be on the safer side.

These tried and tested tricks of taking care of Tassels are truly effective and worth giving a shot. Keep these handy because Trendy Tassels is all you’re going to wear this season! So we hope you’re sacked up? Aren’t you? Well, worry not! Check out the latest Tassel Trends here or simply Subscribe to the August ’Rainbow Runway’ Bling Bag here and join the Bandwagon! Because you know what they say, right? “The Tassel is worth the hassle” Always!

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August ‘Rainbow Runway’ Collection Sneak Peek

We promised you a string of surprises and a promise made is a promise kept! So, after a super fun Theme reveal and the Watercolor Clutch Bag reveal, we are finally going to give y’all a sneak-peak at some of our baubles that we are curating in the August Bag.

Combining the latest trend of Crispin Balls and Ombre Tassels with the season of the year, we bring to you the August ‘Rainbow Runway’ Bling Bag Collection.

Statement Tassel Necklaces

The August ‘Rainbow Runway’ collection has an interesting mix of short and long ombre tassel necklaces, specially handcrafted for all your outfits. Take a look

Aug-BB-Gif_02-Still (1).png

The long- chain necklaces is a subtle statement in pretty Ombre shades. Complete with cute little triangles, this beauty not only compliments bold but your formal outfits as well. The long chain can be tied into a knot to be worn as a short statement necklace with your casuals for a chic boho look. Pair it with your Indian-formals or semi-ethnic looks

The short statement necklaces in solid colours simply scream “Slay”. But don’t fret about pairing them with your open-neck collars and bold colours at all. Or go classic with a princess neckline or a simple V-cut. Because you know what they say, right? “Life is too short to wear boring Jewellery!”

 Tiered Crispins 


The latest bauble trend to hit 2017 is our favourite from the trend charts! These glamorous earrings have the power to transform your daily look into runway fashion in seconds. Spotted on celebs like Jlo and PeeCee, these beauties are colourful enough to make you stand out in a sea of grey trench-coats and black umbrellas. And we bet these are the only earrings you’re going to be wearing all season so you better stack’em up!

 Layered Ombre Tassel Earrings

Tassels have been all over the trend charts for quite a few months now and we know you want to see something new.  How long did you think would something as cool as ombre would stay away from the latest trend? Worry not! Because Ombre Tassels are here! With so many celebs styling them recently, we need not tell you that tassels are officially back with a bang!

tassel earrins collage

 Tassel Bracelets

We’re sure that everyone learnt the good’ol phrase “The Tassel is worth the hassle” in High School and we think this is a good time to practise what we preached. Nothing boring about this Tassel Bracelet though! It’s colourful, lightweight, fun and stylish. And that’s all we need to hear. Wear it like an armlet high up with a tank top or pair it with your casuals in a classic style.

Bracelets Shot

 Pom-Pom Rings

We know you love Pom-Poms as much as we do and who wouldn’t? Just like tassels, Pom-Poms never seem to go out of fashion and we never seem to be out of styling options for you. This time we’ve curated these cuties for your fingers, just perfect for one of those “Statement ring kinda” days.

 ring collage

So, these are a few of the baubles from out August ‘Rainbow Runway’ Collection that we are curating for you this month. Have you received yours yet? If not, order your August Bag here. Also, do drop us a word on how you liked styling these baubles. Tag @theblingbag in your Instagram posts and get featured on our official page. Don’t forget to like us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the latest trends, upcoming discounts and offers and fun giveaways.

The August ‘Rainbow Runway’ Bling Bag

Hello Ladies! We are almost unable to keep our excitement in check and we know you can’t either. August is here and so is our exciting theme, slaying the month-beginning alongside its showstopper. Isn’t that music to the ears? So why waste time? Presenting to you, AUGUST!


Monsoon brings muddy roads and wet clothes and that is not a cute look, is it? We know that it takes some serious colours to beat this season and that’s what we have in store for you. Inspired by the magic that monsoon brings for us, we bring to you our August ‘Rainbow Runway’ Bling Bag. Now beat the monsoon blues like a style diva should.

4 potlis


Meet the ‘Watercolour Clutch Bag’ from our August ‘Rainbow Runway’ Collection. We loved painting this August Canvas for you which not only resonates positivity and happiness but also helps you stay worry-free. This cutie is a waterproof clutch and hence your monsoon needs are incomplete without it. It’s spacious enough (9.5″ x 6″) to store your daily essentials including make-up and toiletries in your bag. Plus it’s easily washable on both sides so you need not worry about those stubborn lipstick stains as well. Throw in a floral dress with Tassel Earrings. And this bag would be the conversation starter for your next Sunday brunch.

Also keep watching this space for upcoming surprises. Like we already said, we have many planned for you this month.  And keep all your FOMO aside, follow us on Facebook and Instagram to stay updated on the August collection reveal, Blogger styles, discounts, giveaways, exclusive deals and much more!

Trend Alert : Ombre Tassels & Tiered Bon-Bons

In today’s world, trends come and go faster than winds change direction. And keeping up with these fast-moving trends has become all the more difficult. You spot them long after on your favorite celebs and bloggers in your social media feed or YouTube videos but then comes the dreadful hunt of searching for the perfect piece, styling options, right price and further waiting for the order to reach your doorstep. But you need not worry about all of that now because you have us!

We love to keep you and your closet updated with the latest trends and that’s what we are talking about today.  These aww-dorably cute accessories are not just colorful but stylish in every sense and we can’t wait to tell you all about them. The hows, whats and whens of fashion right from the “horse’s looks!” Ready?


bonbon earrings

Image Source :

Crispin Balls or more commonly known as Bon-Bons have us swooning over them since the bon-bon studs first came in, right? But tiered Bon-Bon earrings have been making some noise recently. And we’ve seen them at all the right places to tell you that you’re going to need them by the dozen. Take a look

Jennifer Lopez

These colorful delights are what dreams are made of and J.Lo knows it! The American singer and actress can be seen flaunting these cuties over her entire Instagram feed for her latest Spanish album release.


Image Source

Priyanka Chopra

The desi diva, who is currently on top of her game whether in India or abroad can be seen wearing the famously known bon-bon earrings with a pastel pink dress to the Paris Couture 2017. And does PC ever falter?

Image Source

Selena Gomez 

Gomez was found flaunting this trend at the ’13 Reasons Why’ Premiere paired with a bright orange dress and matching eye makeup to complete the look.

Image Source 

Katy Perry

We spotted this talented beauty at the Coachella Music Festival 2017 attending the Easter Sunday Recovery Brunch wearing Golden Bon-Bons with a white sun dress and Umbrella.

Katy Perry Crispin 02

Image Source 


Layered tassels 02

Image Source :

Tassels have been in trend for some time now but there’s always a better to the current best, isn’t it? While the very-long tassels, pom-pom and hoop tassel earrings have been around for some time now, it’s time for Ombre to work its magic with layered tassels. Celebs are seen styling them with bold outfits as well as monochromes and we bet there’s hardly anything that these Statements can’t do (except make a statement!)

Kajol Devgan 

Kajol can be seen wearing ombre-blue tassel earrings in a half-moon design with a solid red outfit for the promotions of her upcoming release.


Image Source

Sana Khan

The TV icon was spotted wearing this trend with a contrast-colour outfit and lo-behold! These statement earrings definitely hold the power to transform any monochrome attire into a stylish and fun look.


Image Source

We at Bling Bag are very excited about these trends and the wide range of styling options that they bring. Who wouldn’t? Keep watching this space for more updates on the latest trends and upcoming offers. And and… we have a huge surprise for you this August. Just saying. Stay tuned and Keep Blinging!



The Hairstyle Cheat Sheet : How to accessorize Earrings with popular Hairstyles

Remember the good ol’days? When everyone had a straight line haircut? And the no-nonsense ponytail was trending? We definitely have come a long way from then and with new hairstyles coming up on runways and red carpets every week, there’s so much more to explore today. There are numerous haircut options available and a new hairstyle to try every day! And let’s just leave hair colors for another day.

Styling and accessorizing according to your hairstyle is as important as styling your outfit for the day. As always, we are here to help you ease that dilemma too. Today we are talking about how you should be accessorizing your looks as per your haircut or hairstyle to rock your way through the day! Let’s go?

Up-dos or Pixie cut 

Hair Style 2

This ridiculously cute haircut sported by Kangana Ranaut in Tanu Weds Manu 2 is frequently stereotyped as boyish because your hair does not frame your face. Similarly in up-dos, you need your earrings to do that for you and hence Danglers suit these hairstyles very well. We recommend Stella Blue Dangler Earrings from the July Shimmery Shapes Collection.

Down-dos or long tresses 

Hair Style 3

This is the most common hairstyle/ haircut and why not? It’s no secret that since years galore poets and cinema have sang about the midnight magic that long tresses are. And what else can complement such hair other than earrings?  The best type of earrings for you would be clusters which won’t get tangled in your mane and yet make a bold statement. We recommend Blue Crown Statement Earrings 

 Bob CutHair Style 4Bob cuts that reach till your ear lobes, like the Graduated Bob can be easily styled with long drop earrings or Chandelier Earrings depending on your outfit and occasion. We recommend Salmon Vintage Earrings from the July Shimmery Shapes Bling Bag Collection.

Bob cuts till your shoulders are slightly tricky to accessorize as hoops and dangling earrings might get lost or worse, tangled in your hair. Only tucking your hair behind the ears or a pulled back hairstyle helps show off your earrings well. Alternatively, we would suggest neck accessories according to your outfit. Check here.

Topknots or high ponytails 

Hair Style 0

A topknot or high ponytail looks extremely stylish to go with your casuals and long delicate earrings are just the thing you need to complete your look. We recommend Geometric Shimmery Studs from our July Collection.

Sleek bunsHair Style 5

Hair Style 7Sleek Buns are not easy to carry but look super elegant and sophisticated when accessorized correctly. Dainty drop down earrings are a great option for this hairstyle and we recommend Petunia Geometric Earrings and Dual Aqua Triangle Earrings.

Soft ponytails and braids 

Hair Style 6

These simple and cute hairstyles are our daily go-to whether for work, college or just a Sunday brunch. They are easy to style and handle. Tear drop and Chandelier earrings flatter these hairstyles perfectly. We recommend Geometric Drop Earrings and Diana Triangular Earrings.

 Click on the links above or simply subscribe to a July Shimmery Shapes Bling Bag and have your accessories carefully curated for you as per your individual style profile. Easy, isn’t it? Better yet? Keep reading our blogs and win exciting offers and discounts! Now, can a Tuesday get any better than this?

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Till then, Keep blinging!

Hairstyle Images Source : Google 

July ‘Shimmery Shapes’ Earrings

Hello ladies! Alright, so we are offering a free bling to not one… not two… not three…. Wait for it… But EVERYONE for the next 24  hours!! That is, you have time to avail your coupon code till 11:59 pm tonight and win a free bling in your July Shimmery Shapes subscription. How cool is that? First why don’t we check out a few pieces from the “Shimmery Shapes Collection” of July to get y’all started?

Now, we’ve done a blog post on the curated necklaces from the July Bling Bag already.  Check it out here. Without any further ado, presenting the Earrings, which is a carefully curated collection of shapes with just the right amount of shimmer in them for the glam- diva in you!


Bluecrown Statement Earrings

Bluecrown Statement Earrings-concept

We’re starting with something as glamorous as these and that is bold, but so are these! Theses beauties are a combination of Royal Blue, Purple and White crystals. And true to their name they’re majestic! I guess it’s about time we left our kundan sets aside for a while and rock wedding parties glamorously! Pick a pair here

Diana Triangular Earrings

Daina Triangular Earrings - concept

If the Bluecrowns were just too much for you, we have just the right pair for you ladies who like to keep it classy and simple. These geometrical earrings are lined with crystals and strike a perfect balance whether for your heavy designers or your simple kurtis. You know where to find them, don’t you?

Vintage Salmon Earrings


We absolutely love the ring of the word ‘vintage’. Who doesn’t? Colour-block your dark blues or simply style your black- tan combinations with this pair and feel the magic happening! July ends in 20 days. Have you subscribed for the ‘Shimmery Shapes’ Collection yet?

Geometric Shimmery Studs


What speaks ‘Shimmery Shapes’ more than Geometric Studs complete with Gold dust in the marbles?  Pair these with your casuals and romp up your movie date night look! Did you receive them in your July Bling Bag?

Stella Blue Dangler Earrings

Stella Blue Dangler Earrings-model

Stars anyone? These lovelies are a stylish pair of long earrings meant for all the times you want look like a Greek Goddess. Style these with your LBDs or simply a white off- shoulder top and own the look!

Dual Aqua Triangle Earrings

Aqua Trianglular Earrings

These holographic cuties in dazzling light blue are just the right amount of sparkle to add to any outfit and slay! Lined with crystals these inverted triangles are simply perfect to flaunt at your Sunday brunch with the girls, with cute dresses or a well fitted jeans.

Petunia Geometric Earrings

Petunia Geometric Earrings-concept

The classic combination of black and gold never goes out of style, does it? This pair of earrings inspired from the Black Petunia Flower is our after-office party savior! You can simply pair the Studs with your formal wear and attach the lower part for a glam look. Do we need to say it? Here! Go, go, go!

 Black Designer Cocktail Ring 

Black Designer Coctail Ring

Even the biggest of earring- lovers need to take a break, don’t we?  But heading out without any bling is just so- not- done! Bonjour Cocktail Rings! This ring in the combination of Black holographic stones and white crystals is an artwork that screams “SLAY!”

Four Square Statement Bracelet 

Four Square Statement Bracelet-c2

This statement piece in Black and white with golden glitter is easy to style with almost any outfit. It’s bold enough for a heavy designer dress or a casual look on days you feel the sun is simply not bright enough! Get it here 

Do we need to repeat ourselves now? Log in to your Bling Bag Account and pick out your favorite ones from the Bling Boutique or better yet, Subscribe to the July Shimmery Shapes Bling Bag ASAP and win a free bling! Oh and here is your coupon code FREEBLINGJULY if that’s what you were wondering!

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The “Shimmery Shapes” Necklaces of July Unraveled!

We’ve started the third week of July and something exciting has already passed by. Guess? Guess? No, not the 4th of July silly! The July Collection at Bling Bag is already out!! To beat the gloomy weather that July brings, we bring to you our ‘Shimmery Shapes’ Collection. Why waste time then? This one is for your neck and mind you it’s a treat!


Today we’re talking about what adorns our necks and holds our breaths, runs through our throats and kills the onlooker in one go. Does that rhyme? In any case, we are talking about the striking necklaces that are a part of the July Shimmery Shapes Collection thoughtfully curated by the Bling Bag team. Let’s have a look!


Aquamarine Statement Necklace

Aquamarine Statement Necklace-concept

Trust the colour of the ocean to make a statement. And damn, it sure does! This mesmerizing piece of art is a bold one with colours ranging from Deep Sea Blue to Turquoise and demands its rightful attention. Pair it with a V-neck dress for a formal party or a simple white shirt for that extra boost on a boring day at office and steal all the limelight!

Earthly Embellished Necklace

Earthy Embellished Necklace

July smells of earth and so having an inspired bling in our collection is a must, isn’t it? This oval beauty is a unique combination of earthly stones and crystals. Ovals go well with boat necks as well as low cut necklines. Add a shrug or jacket to set your layering game on point.

Rectangle Pendant Necklace

Rectangle Pendant Necklace

This subtle piece is just the right hint of sparkle for the days you want to keep your blings low key. It says formal, it says classy! Wear it with a pair of simple studs and do we need to say that long chains work well with almost every outfit?

Zoe Shimmer Necklace

Zoe Shimmer Necklace-concept

This sparkly piece is a feast for the eyes to look at. Complete with crystals, it is absolutely stunning for a subtle combination as black and white. Does your outfit have too many colours or too little shine? Pair this round piece with your traditionals or go bold by mismatching it with a casual denim shirt or just double it up as a bracelet or headgear and watch the heads turn! 

Layered Crystal Arrow Pendant

Layered Crystal Arrow Pendant

Arrows somehow relate to strength, don’t they? And who else relates to strength, if not us women? This night blue beauty is just the right saviour for our after- office parties and outings. This is a layered necklace and can be worn individually according to your need and occasion.

Turf Statement Necklace

Turf Statement Necklace -Concept

Yet another statement necklace in hues of Yellow, Gold and Brown which talks about the season in a glamorous way is just the right go-to for a glam evening, be it a wedding party outfit or an off shoulder dress. Colour block your prints with this oh-so-perfect piece of jewellery and ace the look!

So just pick up your favorite neck treat from the Bling Boutique or simply subscribe to the July Shimmery Shapes Bling Bag and style your outfits like a pro!

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